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There exists a need to find somebody who can provide services like taking care of your pets, watering your plants, doing shopping etc. while you are away on holiday or some other similar events....Read More

Website has become a communication link between organizations and its customers. The buying decision generally followed after browsing multiple portals to compare or source general opinion related to the same. Now days, customers have multiple options to access a website, and the general trend is to access a website through mobile devices followed by laptops, and tablets. Hence, we need to ensure that websites are capable of responding to all types of devices.

The accessibility of website with all types of browsing devices provides competitive edge to interact with potential users. This can be done by adopting responsive website where the layout needs to be resized to respond to any type of device. Through this adaptation the user will be able to access the information on any page of the website quickly. This requires fundamental HTML code modifications. In this process the layout has to be designed to display only required information for that size. If the desktop text is horizontal, then the same has to be resized to fit a mobile platform with decreased font. The logos and pictures need to be resized as well. Mostly the pictures are cropped and thumbnail size of the logos is used for the mobile phone platform. Along with, all navigation buttons and links need to be placed to help the user in navigation.

Making a website responsive to many platforms is much better than making different website designs for various platforms. Using response website is economical than making separate designs for various platforms. Through this method it becomes more cost efficient and the website will be displayed elegantly in any platform.