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OS Commerce Website Development

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Cubecart Website Development

The collection at the online store selling fitness wear was inspired by the CEO’s vision of making the fitness girl not only comfortable, but also sexy, fashionable, fun and confident.
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E-Commerce Website Development

The client has been in the business of trading for over 25 years. The company offers clothes, boots, accessories etc. for the horse riders. Equestrian World also stocks brands for skiing....Read More

CMS Website Development

A tourism website is a boon to travelers always. The client wanted to create portal that not only provides its travelers with all kinds of travel services....Read More

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An online wholesaler store selling gems and stones to retailers was looking to develop a professional website to boost up its retail business. Through its partnerships and affiliations with mine owners, and government sources on a global scale, the wholesalers has been able to secure contracts providing it with an on-going supply rough, slabs, beads and finished jewelry at a significant market advantage.

Larimar Wholesalers is a direct buyer and seller of top quality Larimar and Dominican Amber gemstones with a focus on rough, slabs, finished jewelry and special items. Larimar Wholesalers markets to all levels of distribution from rough dealers to the end consumer with a significant price advantage over current distribution sources. By dealing direct from the source and controlling all aspects of the supply and production process, Larimar Wholesalers is afforded a significant supply and price advantage.


The client requirement was to set up an online store with secure shopping cart, multiple payment options, and display of the client’s products along with its prices. The website should let the buyer know how one can place the order and has given top priority for easy navigation in the website. The client wanted the website to be professional and simple with lot of features to find the site more interesting for such users.


DART used the OSCommerce technology to develop the website. We have designed the site with SEO friendly and integrated various payment gateways. The potential users of the website were identified as consumers and the industry supply chain players and developed the site accordingly. The entire look of the website was made very attractive yet simple. Photos of different categories of products are provided on the home page. When the user clicks on the image of any particular product he would like to buy, a detailed list of all the products under that category comes, with their photos. A section for wholesale orders has also been provided for people looking to purchase in bulk.

DART’s Website Development Services

The website development methodologies adopted by DART ensure higher usability and popularity of the website. We possess expertise in website development and promotional activities. DART develops websites unique to each customer’s requirements. The optimized websites carry attractive visuals, and keyword rich content to attract maximum visitors.