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PHP Website Development

A unique concept was developed to tap the talents of community around a school. This idea brought the UK based client to discuss further about the development of a website around the theme.

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Website Development PHP, HTML, CSS

A registry of baby sitters will give quick information to parents who look for such help. It would look more useful when we have a review section as well about such providers.

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There exists a need to find somebody who can provide services like taking care of your pets, watering your plants, doing shopping etc. while you are away on holiday or some other similar events. The site was developed for people who want to take a holiday, but also want someone to take care of their pet, or their plants, do their grocery shopping when you are about to return from your holiday, taking out bins, and does all necessary work that would make your home live able when you return. Mind your Manor is member of the National Association of Registered Pet sitters.


The client wanted a simple, yet colorful and attractive website. The client wanted the website to look simple as it would lead consumers to think that Mind your Manor is serious about their business, and ensures cleanliness. The client also wanted the website to be colorful and attractive at the same time to create an interest in the minds of consumers.

The website should also let the consumers place the enquiries online. The client wanted that all major features provided by the client should be highlighted on the home page itself, with relevant pictures also to break the monotony of text. The client also wanted to provide the price calculator on the website.


DART used the HTML, CSS, PHP technologies to develop the website. We have designed the site with SEO friendly keyword rich content. We added colorful graphics, and nice images the website in a very attractive manner. The layout of the website is very neat and clean, with space interspersed between text and visual graphics. Testimonials have been provided on the website. The entire look of the website was made very attractive yet simple.

DART’s Website Development Services

DART develops websites unique to each customer’s requirements. The optimized websites carry attractive visuals, and keyword rich content to attract maximum visitors. DART team strives to increase the conversion rates while reducing bounce rates. The website development methodologies which are adopted by DART ensure higher usability and popularity of the website.