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E-commerce Website Development

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Cubecart Website Development

The collection at the online store selling fitness wear was inspired by the CEO’s vision of making the fitness girl not only comfortable, but also sexy, fashionable, fun and confident.

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OS Commerce Website Development

An online wholesaler store selling gems and stones to retailers was looking to develop a professional website to boost up its retail business.

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Online commerce or e-commerce website is a growing medium for buying and selling of products or services over the Internet. E-commerce covers the gamut of services from electronic funds transfer, supply chain management to internet marketing.

The execution of an online platform needs a stable website with good navigation and high security features. It is a known fact that trading over the internet is a complex business and there are many aspects to consider when designing a successful ecommerce site.

We provide ecommerce solutions to online trading per the requirements of each industry. We have well defined processes for setting up e-commerce websites. We provide various options for setting up cost effective e-commerce site. Our ecommerce Analysts study the requirements and provide the best of the solutions according to each situation. We work closely with the client, from consultation to implementation, ensuring that the client’s specific needs are met and the most appropriate, tailor made solution is achieved.

We set up shipping options, shopping carts and more. The plug-ins and shopping carts differ from industry to industry, and our team can recommend the most popular technology to fulfill your needs. Our ecommerce solutions range from ecommerce web design and front end development to backend development. We provide flexible e-commerce web solutions to setup, and run an online business with real-time credit card processing and secure online transactions.

Further, we integrate features like gift coupons, order management, drop shipping and more. We provide the best encrypted SSL certificates to ensure that the transactions done over your website are safe and secure.

We provide the online marketing services to market your products online and generate leads for you. Of late, with change in the Google Algorithm, there is a need to focus on the site at the initial stage to acquire better ranking per the Google Webmaster guidelines. Our focus is to develop a website which is relevant to the customers’ needs, easy to navigate, and is well linked to most relevant websites.

Our e-commerce web site design would provide:

  • A 'Unified Storefront' that is a well-displayed showcase of products
  • A 'Shopping Cart System' where you place your selected products
  • A system that integrates your online data transactions and e commerce payment solutions with your existing accounting system
  • A fine-tuned search option to locate just the kind of product you want
  • A comprehensive package necessary to build a highly secure e-commerce platform

Our e-commerce website development team focuses on technologies like PHP, Java Script, Ajax, HTML, jQuery and others to develop competitive e-commerce sites.