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CMS Website Development

A tourism website is a boon to travelers always. The client wanted to create portal that not only provides its travelers with all kinds of travel services.

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E-Commerce Website Development

An online wholesaler store selling gems and stones to retailers was looking to develop a professional website to boost up its retail business.

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Proof reading and editing jobs are highly competitive. Clients who look to outsource proof reading jobs need the resulting work product in a very short span of time. Often times, such jobs are assigned once all related tasks are done as last minute assignments. The flooding of the market with smartphones changed the career graph of editors as well. There was a drastic change in assigning editors.


A quick research with his peers and competitors made Denny realize that there is something more that needs to be done to get the flow in his assignments. Ultimately, Denny decided to go for a mobile site and approached DART’s website development team. He was of the opinion that he needs his site to be accessed on all platforms to keep in line with the change in technology. While interacting with a few of his clients, he learnt that most of them use mobile phones to assign editing tasks. This gave him the idea to make his site accessible over mobile platforms.


Our team was quick enough to convert his existing website into a mobile friendly website. DART did a review of the site and sent the proposal with the required layout. This was followed by a few discussions that resulted in developing the site that was viewable on Android and on iPhone. The site was developed as follows

DART’s Website Development Services

DART web development team is proficient in developing mobile website using html5 and PHP. Our team is proficient in developing mobile accessible websites. We provide highly stable mobile websites and test it on different platforms to ensure compatibility. Our endeavor is to ensure that the site is up and running on all platforms.